10 Best Free Beat Making Software for Windows PC

Do you want to make beats? Today, I am going to share the 10 best free beat making software for Windows 10/8/7 PC. Music is a means of spreading magic that connects souls.


No matter how much technology grasps the world, music will always remain close to everyone’s heart, just like some unique things.

However, creating music can surely take help of technology for effective creation. One such help is the presence of Music composing software. Music composing software enables people to create music by making certain crucial resources available.

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10 Best Free Beat Making Software for Windows PC

The best part is you do not have to pay anything to make use of these resources. You will find several kinds of music creating or beat making software for Windows out there, but the best ones have made the place on our list below.

1. MAGIX Music Maker

The first free beat making software on our list is MAGIX Music Maker, specially created for the Windows operating system. For using this software, you will need to have some basic knowledge about music tools.

best free beat making software

You can then make use of all the amazing built-in tools by MAGIX. However, you do not need to worry much as you are provided some tutorials for help here. The software is prevalent for its service, especially for Windows users, as it has been created especially for windows.

Almost everything can be adjusted over this software like – voice extortion, bass, volume, and so on.

2. FL Studio

FL Studio is one of the best free beat making software that can create music with several quality beats. There are also handy features and tools for putting your creativity into music.

free music maker

It allows you to create your own music beats. You can use this software on both iOS as well as Windows platforms. It is considered to be one of the best music beat maker software. Not just the beats, but you can also create music tracks, tunes, tones, and so on using this software.

You can use it on Windows as well as macOS. You can enhance your creativity by using this capable software.

3. Musescore

Musescore is a viral free beat making software with wide compatibility. This software is ideal for the newbies as the interface is pretty simple, and everything here is well arranged to help the beginners.

free music making software

The noticeable feature here is the ability to alter the format of music created. You can shift to music file formats like – Wav, Flac, OGG, and so on. This software is compatible with both iOS as well as Windows.

The UI is alluring, and you can record as well as edit parts of the recording. This software is no less than a professional aid in creating music as a profession.

4. Drumflow

Drumflow, as is suggested by the name itself, is a music composing software enabling you to save music files in several file types. It is supportive of the Windows and Mac operating systems.

free DAWs for Windows

The music composure of other singers’ compositions can be created in your own voice along with music beats. A peculiar section of this software is collecting already created music files using this software for inspiration.

The music files can be saved in many formats on the hard drive of your PC. You are offered many amazing features here that make it much easier for you to create music.


LMMS is another one on our list of best free beat making software that can create music with ease. Right from the time of installing this software, everything seems to be easy. You have preset available here so that you can choose anyone from them.

free beat making software

This software is compatible with Windows as well as macOS and Linux. The user interface is quite attractive, especially for those who love light green and black colors. You are provided with a huge collection of sample tracks so that you can get inspired by them.

The files can be downloaded after recording in different formats like – OGG, WAV, etc.

6. Hydrogen Music

Hydrogen is quite popular music composing software program which is quite similar to Ordrumbox, which you can check out below. Hydrogen offers the option of saving files in different formats.

best free beat making software

Since the interface is pretty simple, there is nothing to be worried about technical knowledge or anything. You can easily access the software. The GUI of this site is pretty helpful and interesting. This software works on Windows, Mac as well as Linux Operating systems.

However, the issue with this site is that you cannot create music beats of your own here, and hence it is recommended to use Ordrumbox rather than this site.

7. Ordrumbox

Ordrumbox is another best music making software that enables users to create music using several features and tools. The site has a simple interface, and you can navigate here easily.

best free beat making software

On the home page itself, you have options in the form of categories like – Online Drum Machine, Drum loops, Drumkits, and so on. Ordrumbox is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows too. When you start using this software, you will have the feel of recording professionally.

The music beat files can be easily created as well as edited. There also comes an option of sharing your recording over this software so other users can listen to it and rate you. This will help enhance your overall performance.

8. Musink Lite

Musink Lite is one such music creating software that makes use of music sheets than moves and clicks. Thus editing the music document here is much simpler here.

beat making software

Do not worry even if you are new, as the help menu will help you out with almost everything over this site. It is specifically created for Windows.

The keyboard shortcuts can be used to control the composing of music. Here, you can also export drum loops. In case you are looking for more features than this, then the premium version of Musink Lite can help you.

All you have to do is pay $60 once, and you are good to go! The issues that you may encounter while using this software are narrow compatibility and limited features of comparatively low quality.

You may also experience a few bugs at times, which will eventually result in a disturbance in your recordings.

9. HammerHead Rhythm Station

Last but surely not least is the HammerHead Rhythm Station that offers free music making software for Windows. You can create music files with ease here and share them in various formats like – WAV, MP3, OGG, etc.

free beat making software

Features offered by HammerHead Rhythm Station are amazing truly. You can create music beats that seem professional simply with musical instruments and other accessories.

10. Audiotool.com

Audio Tool is an online free Beat making software for Windows 10/8/7 PC. It is a place where you can create or mix songs by yourself. This site can be accessed through any device as it is online.

free beat making software for windows

At first, you may find the interface quite intricate, but you will be addicted to this site once you get used to it. The site also has various tutorials for newbies, and you can take the help of those guides. So even if you have no knowledge of this beat creating thing, you can easily learn it!

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Wrapping Up

Well, these were the best free beat making software for Windows 10/8/7 PC. Most of the above also work for macOS and Linux. So, if you are looking for those operating systems, you can check out the above options.

All of the above are free to use as basic beat making software, but most of the above programs have premium paid plans that offer additional tools and features if you are looking for more. But if you are a beginner or on a strict budget, then all the above options are helpful.

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