7 Best Tumblr Alternatives for FREE (Updated) 2024

Are you looking for the best Tumblr alternatives? Today, I am going to share 7 best CMS or sites like Tumblr. In the modern technology era, there are many social media apps that people use daily. Such apps allow their users to connect with their family and friends over the internet easily.

best tumblr alternatives

Whether you live in the same locality or on different continents, staying in touch with others is relatively easy these days thanks to the wide range of social media apps out there. Apart from basic messaging options, you can even share things publicly. 

And irrespective of sharing method, you can share many things like text, images, videos, stickers, GIFs, and much more with others. Plus, the best part about most of the social media apps out there is that they are usually free to use. You can use them on your smartphone or your computer as you please. I have also shared the best Garageband alternatives.

7 Best Tumblr Alternatives for Free

As mentioned earlier, there are many different social media apps out there that take different approaches in terms of the means of communication. While most of them are text-based, a few are different. 

One such app is Tumblr, which primarily relies on images that can be shared with others. You can easily reach a broad audience while using Tumblr, thanks to its massive user base. It is also relatively easy to use app thanks to the various features and options offered by it. 

Although you do not like Tumblr or want to try out something new and different, then, thankfully, there are various alternatives to this app that you can try out right on your smartphone

Going through a large number of social media apps out, there can take a very long time. To help you out, we have done this on our side, after which we have selected the best ones. In this article, we have mentioned the 7 best Tumblr alternatives for free. 

Despite being free, they offer many features and options that are present in this article. After going through the following choices one by one, you should be able to select the best Tumblr alternative for you quickly. I have also shared best icloud bypass tools, software & extension.

1- Reddit

If you regularly use the internet and social media apps, you must have heard about Reddit in the past. It is one of the largest online forum websites out there. 

best tumblr alternatives

It is significant in terms of topics and duration of the number of users since it has a large and active user base. You are most likely going to find a forum regarding your favorite topics and many members talking about the same things. 

You can either make text-based posts or even add media files if you want to. The best thing about Reddit is the interaction it offers among its users since they can quickly reply to posts as well as reply to other replies resulting in threads that are larger even than the original post.

2- Blogger

Blogger is a website by Google used for writing your personal blogs as this website is entirely free. You can essentially create your website with the help of a blogger. And the best part about this is that it is entirely free to use.

alternatives to tumblr

As you would expect from a website, Blogger allows you to create long text-based articles. To make them more interactive, you can also add images and videos in your blogs and articles. Blogger is one of the best Tumblr alternatives available for free.

If you want to interact with your readers and audience, the comments section can be used for necessary text interaction. You can also add themes and modify your blog’s interface to make it further interactive and unique compared to other blogs out there.

3- Newgrounds

As you can tell by its name, NewGrounds is relatively new and one of the latest options out there if you are looking for some of the best Tumblr alternatives.

alternatives like tumblr

This social media service is made for gamers since all of its target gamers’ content, and features are offered. This website provides many things like games, memes, GIFs, images, and even videos, all of which are related to gaming and made for gamers. 

Even if you do not play video games, NewGrounds can still be an excellent option for your entertainment needs. Despite being new, the user base of this website is decently large. This is because, unlike Tumblr, NewGrounds does not have any NSFW restrictions for its users.

4- Ello

All those of you who are artists and creative creators should check out Ello. This website is essentially Tumblr but made for digital artists. You can find one of the best artist communities on this website, making it an excellent option for artists.

apps like tumblr

Not only can you upload your digital art on this website, but you can also check out the creations from other artists since a lot of people upload on this website. Unlike most other options out there, Ello does not even require the user to register on it before using it. 

And since it is entirely free to use, you can try out Ello and start using it right away. Like real art creations, Ello also allows you to collaborate with other artists to make art and upload them to Ello.

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5- Pillowfort

Pillowfort is one of the best alternatives to Tumblr out there since it offers a very similar experience to it. Not only do you get a very similar user interface, but you also get a lot of the same features and options.

best tumblr alternatives

Because of this, all Tumblr users feel right at home while using Pillowfort. One great benefit of going with Pillowfort over Tumblr is that it does not have any NSFW restrictions. But even then, it is entirely safe to use since the NSFW section is completely separated. 

Coming to the post creation on Pillowfort, you can either make simple text-based posts or even add media files to them. This can include various media files like images, videos, audio clips, GIFs, and numerous others.

6- WordPress

WordPress is a direct competitor to Blogger when it comes to making websites. It is one of the most advanced options out there, which gets used for making all sorts of websites.

best tumblr alternatives

You can also create much more straightforward and straightforward blogs for sharing content with others if you want. WordPress can offer a straightforward and easy-to-use user interface despite having a wide range of features and options for advanced users. 

Due to this, even new users can get used to WordPress in a short period. Just like Blogger mentioned earlier on this website, WordPress is also completely free to use. Although, if you want to get a custom domain for your WordPress blog or website, you have to pay extra for that.

7- Medium

Medium is considered as one of the unique content-sharing websites and the best Tumblr alternatives. In a way, Medium is quite similar to Blogger and WordPress since you can also create your posts and publish them for a public audience.

tumblr alternatives

But, this website is a much better option for readers. This is due to the reason that finding content to read on Medium is relatively easy. All of the content on this website is highly curated and properly organized. 

Thus, you can easily find quality content to read on this website. Since it is similar to WordPress and Blogger, the posts are not direct text posts and include media files like images and videos.

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Once you have checked this complete article containing a wide range of social media apps that can be possible Tumblr alternatives, choosing the right one for you should be accessible.

This is because the 7 best Tumblr alternatives for a free present in this article have been mentioned along with all their details. These have been selected after trying the different options available out there as well as their offerings. 

If you liked any of the 7 best Tumblr alternatives for free mentioned up above in this article, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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