10 Best iCloud Bypass Tools to Unlock iPhone (Working) 2024

Do you want to unlock your iPhone or any iOS device? Today I will share these 10 best icloud bypass tools, and software to remove activation lock from iPhone/iPad. iPhones are considered highly secure and safe to use thanks to the various security features offered by iOS.

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Because of these features, iOS is considered to be more secure than Android. While such features are there to make your iPhone better, they can sometimes be highly frustrating. One such feature found in iOS is the iCloud Activation Lock that can come up in many cases.

It is there to prevent unauthorized access to your iPhone, the stored in it, and your iCloud account. Even though it is a great security feature, it can even lock you out of your device.

And even if you enter the right iCloud password, the iPhone Activation Lock might still stay there, which can be an issue in many cases. I have also shared these Survey bypass tools for free.

10 Best iCloud Bypass Tools to Remove Activation Lock

If you are also facing the iPhone Activation Lock issue on your Apple iPhone, you might want to get rid of it so that you can start using your smartphone right away. The first option you can try to bypass iCloud lock is to contact Apple Support and tell them about the issue.

But if you tried it, you know, this does not work at all times. Instead, you can use a few third-party tools to bypass the iCloud Activation Lock you might be facing.

To get the highest possible success rate, you should try out multiple iCloud Bypass Tools. Thus, I am here with the 10 best iCloud Bypass Tools, Software & Extensions. You can go through all of these, one by one, after following this article until the end to successfully get rid of the iCloud Activation Lock from your Apple iPhone.

1- iCloud Bypass Tool

If you want a simple and straight forward tool to remove the iPhone Activation lock from your device, then the iCloud Bypass Tool can be a great option. This tool is entirely free to use and does not even have any ads in it.

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Since this software has been around for a very long time, it will most likely work correctly with your iPhone despite the iOS version that you are using.

To use this program, you have to connect your phone to your computer using a lightning cable and run the iCloud Bypass Tool for getting rid of the iPhone Activation Lock.

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2- iCloudin iCloud Bypass Tool

While there are many best iCloud bypass tools and extensions out there, iCloudin iCloud Bypass Tool is considered among the best options. This is simply due to its high success rate because this tool works with most iPhone models irrespective of the iOS version you are using.

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If you are new to such iCloud bypass tools and programs, you will be glad to know that this program offers a very easy to use user interface. You can even find an inbuilt tutorial in this tool that takes you through all of the steps required for removing the activation lock.

3- Bypass iCloud Activation DNS

If you have ever tried to bypass or remove the iPhone Activation Lock in the past, you must know that there are many methods out there that change the DNS of your device to bypass the iCloud lock.

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Even though you can manually do it manually, you can also use Bypass iCloud Activation DNS to do the same automatically. It will change your phone’s DNS to disconnect it from the Apple iCloud servers and redirect your phone to a different one. This allows you to easily remove the iCloud Activation Lock from your iPhone right away.

4- iCloud Remover Tool

Those of you interested in thoroughly getting rid of the iCloud Activation Lock and never want to face it again should check out iCloud Remover Tool.

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As per its name, this program removes your iCloud account and all other things related to iCloud. This means that once you have used this program with your iPhone, its iCloud lock will get bypassed right away.

But the best thing about this tool is that it is entirely free to use without having any ads in its simple and easy to use user interface.

5- Open My iCloud Easy Unlock Tool

Whether you want to gain access to your iPhone Activation Locked phone or wish to access your data stored in iCloud, Open My iCloud Easy Unlock Tool can be a great option in either case.

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It is one of the fastest tools out there to remove iCloud Activation Lock from your device within 10 minutes. This is possible because it uses a wired connection over Lightning for the best possible performance.

Another handy thing about this tool is that the user interface offered by it is quite good and should be ideal for all those of you who are new to such best iCloud bypass tools.

6- iCloud Activation Bypass Tool Version 1.4

Just per the name, the iCloud Activation Bypass Tool allows you to directly skip and bypass the Activation Lock issue you might be facing on your iPhone.

icloud bypass extension

It can do this even if you do not have the password to your iPhone. While this program is entirely free to use, finding the download link to its latest version can be an issue.

With the latest version, you can easily remove iCloud Activation Lock and the passcode on your iPhone so that you can get in all circumstances with ease thanks to its modern user interface.

7- Doulci iCloud Unlocking Tool

Whether you want to bypass the iPhone Activation Lock or want to get rid of iCloud from your iPhone completely, the Doulci iCloud Unlocking tool will work for you in both cases.

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This tool is one of the only few out there which works with iPhone, iPad, and even an iPod without any issues. As for the program itself, you can download it on a Windows, Linux, or MacOS computer as per your wish.

Once you have downloaded and installed this program, you can easily connect your Apple device using a lighting cable to remove the iCloud Activation Lock.

8- iPhone Hacktivate Tool

Compared with other options presented here in this article and out there for best iCloud bypass tools, you will find the iPhone Hacktivate Tool to be a highly versatile option.

icloud bypass tools

This program comes with a wide range of options and features that can be handy to have if you perform any operations on your Apple iPhone. iCloud Activation Lock removal can be done on iPhone 4 to iPhone 11 with ease.

The user interface offered by this program is also relatively easy to use and viable for new users. Even if you are new to iPhones or iCloud Activation Lock issues, this program can be a very great pick for you.

9- iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool

Out of the various options that you will find out there for removing iCloud Activation Lock, iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool is one of the best.

icloud bypass tools

As you can tell by its, this tool will remove the iCloud Activation Lock from your iPhone in an instant so that you can start using it right away. This program’s great thing is that it works with Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, and even the Apple Watch.

As a result, this tool is highly versatile and works with almost all iPhone models and iOS versions you might find. This is possible due to the reason that it connects to your device over a lightning cable.

10- iCloud Assistant Pro

iCloud Assistant Pro is another excellent option if you are looking for an all-rounder software for your iPhone and its iCloud account. Because it is an assistant like app made for your iCloud account, it offers various options and functions related to Apple iCloud.

icloud bypass tools

As you would expect, this tool can also be used for removing the iCloud Activation Lock from your iPhone. Speaking of iPhone, you can expect this program to work on most devices ranging from iPhone 4 to iPhone X, which might be running on iOS 7 to iOS 11 for very decent compatibility when compared with others.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you have gone through this article and the various iCloud bypass tools present above, your Apple iPhone’s iCloud Activation Lock should be successfully removed.

This can be quickly done using one of the 10 best iCloud bypass tools, software & extensions mentioned here in this article along with all their details. All of these tools take a different approach to removing iCloud Activation Lock so that you can successfully remove it by using any one of them.

If you liked any of the 10 best iCloud Bypass tools, software & extensions mentioned up above in this article, make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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